About Bluelilys.com

Bluelilys is home to exclusively hand-picked women’s clothing with everything ranging from the humble cotton saree to the most elaborate hand-crafted occasion wear. The company’s offering  is not just a mere run of the mill standard but rather fabrics and garments that have widely been sourced, curated and designed to meet high expectations.

The creations in the store have an excellent blend of traditional materials that have been gives a tasteful modern edge. A few examples of the beautiful fabrics used are Tussar silk, Raw silk, Jute silk and so on which are very robust and solid materials and then are the Chiffons, Crapes, Organza, Italian silk and the like which give a more delicate and romantic appeal. The various materials and dyed fabrics have been directly sourced from the weavers and craftsmen, this shows the attention to detail and focus on the authenticity of the products. By directly procuring materials from the makers ,they are supporting a huge community of weavers by means of direct and honest trade. Bluelilys has made the journey to the heart of its creation and has experienced the entire creative dynamic of a product. bluelilys has made this wonderful platform where people can see, compare and buy all these creations from the ease of their home or any other place in the world.

Bluelilys had its humble beginnings in a quaint, small countryside in Kerala and is the brainchild of four people Bejoy Thomas, Jomin Paul, Sherin Jomin and Anna John. The company was formed in 2012 and from then on there has been no looking back for these bright young things. Bluelilys has grown from a modest online clothing store selling ready-to-wear to creating magnificent designer pieces, opulent traditional clothing, bridal fashion and the list goes on. So, the next time you think of indulging in the sheen of a grand silk saree, dreaming away in the allure of the Kalamkari or making a statement with daring Chiffons, Bluelilys is the place for you.

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