5 Trend Inspirations for the Wedding Season from Baahubali 2

Baahubali 2 – The Conclusion is one movie whose sheer enormousness has left us gaping in awe. Be it the machismo Amarendra Baahubali who has now set standards disproportionately high for husbands, or the relationship between this darling of Mahishmati and Devasena, which tell us that love need not always be holding hands and running around trees (fancy fighting like an archery pro with bows and arrows alongside your better half?), this movie of epic proportions has found its way into every movie goer’s heart. While we adore the larger than life sets and visual effects that have made this movie worth every bit of what it is, we also can’t stop taking cues from the ‘fashion sense’ and style of the royal womenfolk in the movie. Here are 5 such trends that you can pick confidently and flaunt at the next family or bestie wedding.


A ‘heart’ for silk

We’re speaking royalty here, so what better choice than silk? Look at the opulent lehenga davanis and nine yard sarees that Devasena, Sivagami, and all royal folk wear, and you’re bound to get rushing back to your wardrobe to pick those Kanjeevaram and Banarasis that have been lying idle for ages. Or still better, borrow a few of those aged possessions from your mom, and lo! You know what to wear to the next family wedding right?


High on contrasts

The young warrior princess that she is, Devasena is decked up in vibrant and effervescent clothes with loads of contrasts. Oh, how she carries of a striking green lehenga with a royal blue blouse, and an orange davani when singing a lullaby to Lord Krishna and Baahubali! Also, who can forget how amazingly gorgeous she looks in the opulent peacock blue and green saree when setting sail for Mahishmati? So here’s the deal - salwar suits, lehengas, davanis, sarees – whatever it is that you wear, get high on contrast and pair colours like you’ve never dared to before. Quite the star you will be!


Accessorize without inhibitions

Minimal maybe the new norm, but if you are the bride yourself or figure in the list of bridesmaids, don’t shy away from bedecking yourself with gold or gold coloured jewellery. Take a cue from Devasena on how to wear intricate yet heavy jewellery with elegance. Netti chuttis (head chains), maattis (ear chains), haathphools (hand chains), udyanams (hip chains), saree chains etc. can now be worn without second thoughts. If you like antique gold or chunky jewellery better, Sivagami is your source of inspiration. Checkout how she carries one or more of those Chettinad styled jewellery with grace and grandeur.


Extra-long pallus

Saree and davani pallus that go way beyond their usual length to wrap around the elbow are yet another highlight of the style that the royal woman flaunt. A regular saree may not be cut for this style, but you can definitely achieve it with the help of one that is customized. Well, it’s your wedding (or that of your bestie), so who’s to complain if you shell out a few extra bucks to look good?


Sober in style

Mahishmati queen SIvagami’s attire may not be all that ‘royally’ bling (except for the gold jewellery that she wears), but her pairing of dull and sobre coloured sarees with pastel or light hued blouses is definitely an inspiration for all moms, aunties, and middle aged ladies related to the bride and groom. You don’t really need Kanjeevarams or Banarasis to pull off this look. Raw silk, jute silk, and tussar would suffice, and give you that dignified charm.


So what are you waiting for? Get working on your wardrobe, and look nothing less than royal this wedding season.

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