Bluelilys , as the name suggests is not something very usual nor something very commonly found its presence is very utopic , very dreamlike , it is something which reminds us of a beautiful fairytale. This quality is the reason the name was chosen, it was special because of the rarity in nature and also because of its unseen beauty.


So, speaking so much about beauty, colour and so on brings us to our highlight ,Bluelilys. This is an online store where you can find exclusive women’s ware ranging from sarees, salwar kameez materials, kurtis and nightware. We have tried to bring you an exquisite variety of clothes from all around the country. We have not only traditional designs and materials but also a excellent blend of modern and contemporary designs.


The materials range from beautiful silks like jute silk, raw silk etc to chanderi, cotton, shiffon and so on. . We started our operations in Ernakulam with our own delivery service and collection centres. We will eventually expand to other cities in india with our own collection centres and delivery services. Collection centres are another very important element of our company, these are the places where the customer can return the items for exchange, returning of defective pieces if there are any and so on.


Another case where collection centre will be useful comes when there is a delivery failure due any reason like absence of the customer at home and the like, the items have to be collected from these collection centres. Although we started with ernakulam being primary focus, we provide our services throughout the country with help of partner courier agencies with an exception of collection centres. Once you make your choice online there is nothing you need to know, and the delivery will be made to your doorstep by our team. We hope everyone who visits our site will have a lily in store for them.


So here is our team welcoming you into the world of Bluelilys.