A saree is one of the rare Indian traditional women’s wear that has withstood the test of time. It has moved from generation to generation without any wither and only growing stronger as the time has passed by.  We at “Bluelilys” have various combinations of the traditional Kerala sarees, which are not only the traditional cream and gold pattern, but also a variety of colour combinations like blue,pink, green, violet, and ivory along with the cream base and golden border. Bluelilys also has a special collection with unique multicolor sarees and jerry borders, which is a more modernized version of sarees which are a rare view in the market today. So be it for a wedding, a normal get together or for a visit to the temple, we have all varieties of Kerala sarees for every event of life.

With time, trends change and so do the choices of people. We at Bluelilys would like to provide the best and unique collection to our customers, so we have designed special Kerala Sarees Collection which is exceptional, where the saree’s pallu has a unique mix of colors with gold jerry border. As a part of the collection we also have sarees with Lord Krishna’s print and also sarees with multicolored borders as a part of Settu Mundu. The choices of material that are available are from Cotton to Chanderi Silk. The collection ranges from Rs. 550 - 3000/-.

Onam is a festival celebrated by the people of Kerala in India. The festival is celebrated during the Malayam month of Chingam which is between August and September. It marks the commemoration of Vishnu’s - Vamana Avatar. Onam denotes festivity of food, color, and also attire. During Onam people follow a set dress code which, for men is Dhoti and Shirt. For Women it is Settu Mundu or Kerala Kasavu Saree. Women in Kerala traditionally wore a two pieced cloth known as Settu Mundu also known as the Mundum Neriyathum which has the grace and appeal of the golden borders contrasting with beautiful design and with plain off - white color, which symbolizes the true MalayaleeWoman. Various modified versions of the Kerala Sarees are available in various designs, embellished with - stones or sequins, fabric painting, thread work and golden design with various contrasting colors in the border.


The traditional design of a Kerala saree had around 6 - 7 inches of pallu while the body remained plain off - white. Today the Pallu size ranges up to a meter and the border and Pallu is decorated with a variety of designs including that of mangoes, flowers, peacock and many more fancy variations.


At Bluelilys we have diverse collection of sarees like Cotton Silk, Poly Silk, Cottoncrush Silk, Matka Silk, Bandhani Silk, Soft Silk and Semi Jute/Jute Silk sarees. So you have a wide array of choices available to choose from our special collection which will make you feel special and beautiful.


 Styling tips to follow while wearing a Kerala Saree:


1)      One has to wear a contrasting blouse which matches the saree’s border color or a plane golden blouse


2)      Gold is the color of Kerala Sarees ,  hence one can wear gold jewellery or can wear long fancy earings and team it up with a pair of chick heels to complete the look.