One of the many social causes that bluelilys supports is road safety. As we all know, today majority of the accidents take place on the roads through rash driving, non-compliance with traffic rules, over speeding and the like. Road safety shows, seminars, campaigns are some of the ways to create awareness. Bluelilys organised a road show to raise awareness about road safety in association with the Aadi Sankara engineering college. This event was flagged off by the motor vehicle inspector N Vinodkumar. All the students started the bike rally from the gate of the college, went via Angamali, Athani, airport road and then finally reached back college. Bluelilys was in the forefront pioneering this very important cause of road safety, trying to reach out to the people and educating them about the importance of traffic rules.



We see that not many online enterprises come forward for such endeavors and this goes to show how determined and dedicated Blueliys is towards such social causes. Bluelilys wanted to convey the very important message of safe driving to masses, and where better to start such awareness than colleges where the power of youth to bring about change is immense. Many more of such programmes about different social issues and causes can be expected from Bluelilys in the future, and hope they continue on this path of raising social awareness.