The three days at infopark was full of colours, charm and celebrations. New faces, new colours, new trends and new realizations. It was a day where people were amazed by what bluelilys could offer. We showcased something really spectacular and truly refreshing. The expo was held in three diffrent venues in infopark.:- Vismaya, Thejomaya and Athulya on 2nd ,5th and 6th of august. The entire crew of bluelilys was fully fledged with vivid collection and definitely had something to offer for all the customers. The specially designed bamboo furniture were amazing and was something which people never expected and hence was a refreshing twist to the whole experience. All three days witnessed different fashion choices people made. Everyone likes change, and so when they saw what bluelilys had put on display, they were amazed at the variety of carefully chosen unique pieces. This was something not very commonly seen in other clothing and apparel stalls. All of them were eager to grab a unique piece. Affordable rates and rich collections was indeed a good deal, and something very hard to resist. A five percentage discount was given and this attracted many customers to the stall. People commented about the affordable rates and compared it to many other clothing stores in and around Ernakulam, Thrissur and so on. The designer sarees and kurtis was another special treat that bluelilys had to offer. This was something which caught the eye of many people. The beautiful clothes in this section was something which had a flare of its own, great fabrics and very unique designs. It is definitely a feature which gives bluelilys an edge over other clothing stores. The designer items gained a lot of appreciation.


Apart from the fabulous presentation of the stall, we offered prices which were unparalled to any other store. Our direct link with the manufacturers gives us a chance to provide the best price to the consumer. The stall at infopark has given us a platform to show that fashion , trends and styles can be fabulous but also affordable at the same time. This is what we had to offer and all the customers did take notice to the attention given to detail. People did appreciate our efforts of putting together all the gorgeous pieces of clothing from all around the country. The whole online shopping experience showed the customers how easy and laid back online shopping can be.


We thank all the people for their support and regards. We as a company feel really happy in offering what we had and making many of the customers happy. We also received a lot of feedback and it has definitely helped us to improve our online shopping experience further. We hope to bring more and more styles, fabrics and fashion to your doorstep. We invite all of you to embark on this beautiful journey with Bluelilys.