Bluelilys as a women’s online clothing store has a variety of styles and a great range of materials. You will be able to find printed cottons, polysilk, chanderi silk, chiffon etc and then going on to a fabulous range of jute silk, luxurious brocades, velvet, raw silk, kota and so on.  There are kurtis, salwar kameez materials and beautiful sarees, but the cherry on the icing is definitely the designer saree collection. The designs in this collection are a blend of contemporary and traditional ideas. One of the standout designs in this collection is the Kerala Kasavu sarees. Here the very traditional golden Kasavu sari is paired with beautiful decorative materials which further enhances the beauty of the fabric, colourful laces, beautiful brocades, raw silk, shimmer, sequins, banaras brocades and many more.  Apart from this, there are many elegant designer pieces in different materials and prints, each one different from the other. The designers at Bluelilys have truly made an effort towards affordable fashion. You would also find a small collection of kurtis made specially by our designers for the boutique. The items in this section are great for occasions like weddings, graduations, parties etc. The price of the sarees start from quite an affordable range and goes higher depending on the type of the heavy embroidery, stonework, lushious fabrics and so on. They also make exclusive, one of a kind wedding sarees as well as wedding attire for the entire family if requested for. The designs crafted in the boutique cannot be found in other shops. They also design custom-made clothes for children for different occasions, this is one feature not seen in many boutiques, at least not online. Also, the designers create a variety of designs on Kurtis with traditional Kerala kasavu patterns, which gives a very trendy yet classic look. They also have other designs of their own.


One other feature of Bluelilys which makes it special is its collection centres. This is something which really helps the customers communicate with the company regarding any issues they are facing. This is where they can return any defective pieces they have received, they can collect their order if they were not at home when it was delivered and they can also inform anything else regarding the site.


There is also an option of giving a gift card to your near and dear ones. It is easy to use and it also gives a personal touch in giving someone a present, here the person can use the card to buy whatever they want from the site. Bluelilys has its own delivery network within Ernakulam, outside Ernakulam they have a tie up with local courier services.


The team at Bluelilys have sincerely made an effort to gather under roof different types works, materials, styles and so on. They have gone around the country searching for pieces which create a wonderful melange of women’s wear. Along with thinking about fashionable daily wear comprising of different high street brands, trendy fabrics etc they have gone a step ahead ,crafting a designer section as well. This is something not seen in most of the online shopping sites. The store definitely reflects an excellent vision of fashion for the masses.